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Fish Hook Bracelet

Anisa Jewelry customized sterling silver fish hook Bracelet with a Sterling silver hand stamped initial disc. Comes with an alloy coated adjustable bracelet. 

Anisa Jewelry Bracelet expands still as adjustable and designed to stack on your wrist. The Charms and Bracelet a terribly suitable. Every Initial Disc Charm is in person hand stamped by me, therefore, letters might not continually line up absolutely. 
We knotted this hook bracelet as a fish hook bracelet. it's our suggestion for a fishing gifts for men. The fishing bracelet is the hand-crafted bracelet that may not fade. It’s with the best quality. 

Interested in additional rock climbing jewelry - take a glance at our fish hook bracelet, fishing bracelet, and nautical Anisa jewelry fish hook bracelet assortment.

Fish Hook Bracelet

Anisa jewelry created Sideways Bronze and Silver Fishing Hook bracelet or it may be used as a women's anklet depending on the scale you order.
After all, men of all ages are sporting these fashionable accessories and wearing them all over from the workplace to out in the city. A rope bracelet is an anchor bracelet that's created out of rock climbing rope that's extremely strong. They are fixed with metal clasps that are formed like anchors and hooks, and it’s the clasps that provide the bracelets their name. A typical wrist bracelet can contain a length of a rope that wraps your wrist two or three times. You’ll modify its length after you slide the knots. It’ll match men and ladies also.

  • Fish Hook Jewelry

    This is a good gift for a friend/husband/boyfriend/groomsmen or family member that has a love of fishing.

    Silver Fish Hook Bracelet

    A collection of silver plated ocean life themed charms, and shimmering glass charms in blues and white, are spread around a shimmering silver plated bracelet chain during this hand-crafted charm bracelet. 

    Beautiful and unique, these fish can confirm your style stays afloat. You are guaranteed to catch some rave reviews with a fun, filigree "fish" bracelet. Meticulously handcrafted, tangled filigree wires bend and swirl into delicate shapes and styles during this outstanding example of a centuries-old craft. Very recent colored silver bracelet. you like the ocean and what’s inside him?! Wear the fish love and respect. 

    We stamp these charms by hand, we tend to don't use any sort of machine to line up the letters or to punch them with. As a result of the actual fact that they're hand stamped, please don't expect a piece that appears love it is machine graven, however, we attempt our very best.

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