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Mermaid Pendant

Anisa Jewelry proudly offers you quality Mermaid pendant with unique designs that you will not see in other stores. We hope you enjoy shopping at Anisa JewelryAnisa Jewelry also strives in excellent client service. Anisa Jewelry has set High standards in the Jewelry industry. With a passion for luxury Jewelry and a commitment to excellence, the professionals at Anisa JewelryAnisa Jewelry is grateful to be trusted by millions of happy clients for many years. We wish you and your family peace, love, harmony, and good health.

Mermaid Pendant

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Mermaid pendant created in Sterling Silver by Anisa Jewelry. The Mermaid pendant is enhanced with a high coating of black rhodium. The Mermaid pendant features an intricately carved. That gorgeous Mermaid pendant is clutching a big, beautiful and stunning large. This Mermaid pendant piece is so stunningly designed that I think it can be worn on either side. Our Mermaid pendant dances amid the surf spray in this graceful Mermaid pendant created with hand-worked silver.

Mermaid Pendant

Mermaid Pendant-P1057

  • $225.00


Mermaid Pendant

The Mermaid is a combination of elemental and angelic energies. She is seductive and charming, making all those in contact with her subject to her persuasion. Wear the Mermaid as a testament to your own unique presence and charm. Perhaps the mermaid's most attractive quality is her ability to play. She is grace and movement personified with her glittering fishtail and lithe form, but above all, she is connected to a youthful sense of play like few other mythical creatures. Our Mermaid Pendant celebrates the Mermaid at her most joyful as she dives through the surf.

Mermaid Pendant


Mermaid Pendant On Chain-P1057-Chain

  • $280.00



This Mermaid Pendant upper body and face are hand carved, an ancient material that sings a song older than Mermaid lore itself. Ancient mammoth ivory has lain in the earth for many years. There it gathered its soft cream hue. Today this fossilized ivory is used in fine carved ivory pendants such as this one and in other artisanal crafts.

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