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Turtle Jewelry

Anisa Jewelry is a Turtle Jewelry Company, our mission is to supply Turtle Jewelry keepsakes with the service and care to make them last for generations to come. Anisa Jewelry Company has been creating Turtle Jewelry. Commitment, Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, and Excellence are all values that we based our foundation on. Anisa Jewelry created quality Turtle Jewelry, value pricing, and excellent customer Turtle Jewelry service which we still uphold today. A strength Anisa Jewelry Company has is our team cares about each other and cares about our customers. Anisa Jewelry has a company culture that's positive, supportive, and it shows in what we do.

Turtle Jewelry

At Anisa Jewelry, Turtle Jewelry including hand-patinaed bronze warm natural brass, classic sterling silver. You will truly enjoy wearing this lovely Turtle Jewelry by Anisa Jewelry. Anisa Jewelry Artisans is created Turtle Jewelry. No two Turtle Jewelry are exactly alike, making yours a one-of-a-kind. An adjustable hand braided cord is the perfect accent to the Turtle Jewelry.

Turtle Jewelry

Bronze Lg. Loggerhead Pendant – BRS1010

  • $155.00


Turtle Jewelry

At Anisa Jewelry, If your Turtle Jewelry has become tarnished, you may use a solution of warm water with a mild detergent to soak it for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse and dry the Turtle Jewelry being careful not to scratch it. Remember that silver is much softer than gold, and will scratch easily with a fingernail or a rough cloth. Sometimes professional cleaning may be required to obtain that sparkling new look.

Turtle Jewelry


Bronze Loggerhead Leather Bracelet – BRBS1014

  • $85.00


Anisa Jewelry expands still as adjustable and designed to stack on your wrist. The Charms and Bracelet a terribly suitable. Every Initial Disc Charm is in person's hand stamped by me, therefore, letters might not continually line up absolutely. 
We knotted this hook bracelet like a Turtle Jewelry. it's our suggestion for a fishing gifts for men. The fishing bracelet is the hand-crafted bracelet that may not fade. It’s with the best quality. 

Turtle Jewelry Different Sizes

At Anisa Jewelry, It is quite difficult to measure yourself for an appropriate Turtle Jewelry length, as everyone’s body is different. The gauge and style of the chain, as well as the added weight of any Turtle Jewelry or slides, may also affect where the chain rests when worn. Pictured, we have an approximation of where each length that we carry might look on an average person.

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