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Turtle Necklace

Turtle Necklace

Anisa Jewelry made a prominent remark in Turtle Necklace by hand, Anisa Jewelry is a symbol of patience and wisdom, a Turtle Necklace is a very charming necklace by Anisa Jewelry. It is crafted by hand of sterling silver with decorative detail. Sterling silver Turtle Necklace is lightweight, has a thin outline and is 3/4" in width. All Anisa Jewelry is 925 solid sterling silver Turtle Necklace. Send Turtle Necklace is the perfect gift for your loved one.

High Quality and Valuable Turtle Necklace 

The jewellery that Anisa Jewelry provide to you this Turtle Necklace are most representing Anisa Jewelry most popular and most requested items. Whether your selection is for yourself or for a special gift, each and every Turtle Necklace in the Anisa Jewelry collection is most important. Anisa Jewelry has been making Turtle Necklace for many years. From the unique Turtle Necklace designs that Anisa Jewelry create in our industrial facility in Turtle Necklace to the high-class designer collections that Anisa Jewelry present to you, Anisa Jewelry unmatched selection of Turtle Necklace and other Lifestyle jewellery is supreme for its quality and expert craftsmanship.

Turtle Necklace

Lg. Loggerhead Pendant – S1010

  • $299.00



Anisa Jewelry great love for the Turtle Necklace and a deep sense of tradition fuels Anisa Jewelry passion for fine Turtle Necklace making. It's what sets us apart as creators, and will differentiate you as a proud owner of these unique Turtle Necklace materials. The premium in Turtle Necklace and other lifestyle Anisa Jewelry collections.

Turtle Necklace

Sm. Loggerhead Pendant – BRS1014

  • $85.00


Hand Made Turtle Necklace

Being hand made, you can be confident that Anisa Jewelry is not only well made but you can feel remarkable knowing that is crafting a difference in supporting a small business.

Well-mannered Polishing

Let Anisa Jewelry help you to maintain the polish and shine of your any kind of Anisa Jewelry. Stop by your local store for a complimentary professional cleaning. Anisa Jewelry creates a new intersection in Turtle Necklace by mixing confident and colourful designs with customer superiority.

Why Choose Anisa Jewelry?

The Anisa Jewelry provide valuable Turtle Necklace which is a classic design stamped from silver. Anisa Jewelry chose to use silver for the design to continue the traditional feeling and expect for the material to blemish over time for this reason. If you prefer Anisa Jewelry to have Turtle necklace shiny, simply use a metal polish on the Turtle Necklace, by following the instructions on the polish.

Anisa Jewelry