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Silver Turtle


Silver Turtle jewelry is a true reflection of the real desires Anisa Jewelry have for the sea, above, below at the water’s superiority. True memories of remarkable times shared collected while doing what Anisa Jewelry valuable customer love the most! Having many years of experience, in and around the Silver Turtle jewelry, the creator and designer, captain and first engineering officer. With the highest standards of Silver Turtle jewelry design and jewelry production processes in place, Anisa Jewelry continues to serve with the finest and excellent quality and detail in the jewelry marketplace. The brilliant quality of Anisa Jewelry is due to a unique mixture of experience, training, practice, fine skill, and desire. However, this superb quality is not the result of one person but the result of a well-arranged team designers, model makers, casters, finishers, checkers, and client & customer input and feedback. Awareness & Heart have played a big part in Anisa Jewelry design and growth improvement.

Silver Turtle

The valuable metals and stones Anisa Jewelry use to create our unique jewelry design are sourced responsibly and are of the maximum quality. In the attention of serving Anisa Jewelry planet and decreasing our impact, many of Anisa Jewelry gemstones are created. Anisa Jewelry mixes our genuine silver in-house for a matchless certificate of purity (Always free from Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium) that often examines above standard genuine, and Anisa Jewelry only uses 14 and 18 kt. gold, giving you the best and high-quality jewelry design in the marketplace. Our goal at Anisa Jewelry is that our sailing, sea life, water-sport, Silver Turtle jewelry become treasured as gifts, passed down from generation to generation. This is the big reason why our Silver Turtle items are always a way different from others in the market.

 Silver Turtle


Lg. Loggerhead Pendant – S1010

  • $299.00


Anisa Jewelry has undergone wide training in the gemstone & jewelry design markets of USA. Each Anisa Jewelry design is the result of years of development and experience that has created jewelry design of the maximum quality, and Anisa Jewelry is on the continuous path of development. Anisa Jewelry knows that it’s the small facts that make the difference. At Anisa Jewelry you get the most stylish and graceful jewelry products. We deliver you the exceptional flavor of high-class Silver Marine Life Jewelry items that you will delight to have them. We use the highest quality material and figure out that they precisely echo the soul of the ocean life. They understand the sea life very deeply and drive out with a unique idea and a unique design. 

Silver Turtle

Our artisans make Silver Turtle such that you can certainly wear them all day long without any kind of discomfort or any infection. The article’s feature that you get in our items is the motive of our success. We made our Silver Marine Life Jewelry lightweight that you have the immense comfort to wear. This is the level of our artisan’s ability and experience that helped us to earn the reputation among thousands of our customers. The feature that you become in terms of our lifelong and reliable objects is unmatched. Anisa Jewelry’s artisan that gathers and intentions all these wonderful Silver Turtle articles for you are very highly experienced and professional.

Sliver Turtle 

Loggerhead Earrings – E1013

  • $225.00


At Anisa Jewelry, we can honorably say that Anisa Jewelry provides each customer with the stylish and best quality jewelry products. Anisa Jewelry expert’s artists use the best quality materials in the making of our inspiring Silver Turtle. At Anisa Jewelry, our artisans can produce our jewelry items in such designs which are light in weight and attractive for any event and also you can wear them all day long. You can wear Anisa Jewelry Silver jewelry designs without any hesitation for a long time and you will never get hurt. You will feel very special and classy by wearing our Silver Turtle jewelry products and make your presence very stylish. 

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